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Since its debut concert dedicated to "Singing For Tomorrow", Ngan Khoi Chorus has been a pioneer in the relatively new tradition of Vietnamese choral singing. Over the last ten years, Ngan Khoi, one of the Vietnamese American choirs of significance outside of Vietnam, has lived up to the challenge of promoting choral activities with consistency in its musical quality, philosophical commitment, and social awareness. The group meets every Sunday for four hours to practice the art of choral singing. Its ties to the Vietnamese community have been consolidated by the success of its concerts which take place once or twice a year.

Ngan Khoi has performed to audiences of over 1000 attendees at the following venues:

MY BELOVED VIETNAM, September 1990, Plummer Auditorium, Fullerton, California
NGAN KHOI EVENING, October 1991, Chapman University Auditorium, Orange, California
NGAN KHOI EVENING, April 1993, Foothill College Theater, Los Altos, California
NGAN KHOI EVENING, November 1993, Plummer Auditorium, California
NGAN KHOI EVENING, October 1994, Foothill College Theatre, California
NGAN KHOI EVENING, September 1995, La Mirada Theatre, La Mirada, California
THOUSAND MILES FROM HOME, January 1997, Jesse Jones Hall, Houston, Texas
NGAN KHOI EVENING, May 1998, La Mirada Theatre, California
NGAN KHOI EVENING 1999 to celebrate Ngan Khoi's 10th anniversary at La Mirada Theatre.
NGAN KHOI EVENING 2002, August 31- 2002, La Mirada Theatre, California
NGAN KHOI EVENING 2005, July 03- 2005, La Mirada Theatre, California
NGAN KHOI EVENING 2007, March 18-2007, La Mirada Theatre, California
The 1993 concert saw an auspicious development in the birth of the Ngan Khoi Children's Chorus, Ngan Khoi's attempt to bridge generational boundaries. The rave review that the Ngan Khoi Children's Chorus received for its 1993 debut performance speaks for their promising future. They have already started "singing for tomorrow".
To further enhance Ngan Khoi's visibility and credibility in the community, the leaders of Ngan Khoi have been taking instrumental roles in organizing several other local musical events, including classical chamber music recitals and cross-cultural concerts throughout California. Ngan Khoi Chorus has also created an inspiration for Vietnamese American musicians to participate in philharmonic organizations.

Charity Contributions:
Profits from past performances of the NGAN KHOI CHORUS have been donated to various charitable organizations and activities including Trung Tâm ViŒt Ng» in Southern California, SAP- VIETNAM, VN-HELP, Hôi C¿uTù Nhân Chính TrÎ, Aids to flood Victims inViet Nam, Aids To Refugees in The Philippines, Aids To Disabled Children in Vietnam etc., amounted to more than US$20,000.00.
NGAN KHOI CHORUS also organized concerts to raise funds for cultural purposes: Project CD VIET NAM 1975 has raised more than US$20,000.00 toward the production and distribution of a CD featuring a symphonic suite composed by LE VAN KHOA entitled VIET NAM 1975